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Mozilla Firefox Installation Instructions

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Adding Optional Extensions:

Firefox allows you to add Extensions or customizations to your browser. There are over 500 different extensions for Firefox. Firefox's optional IEView extension is handy for opening the current page you are viewing in Firefox in Internet Explorer. The Extensions shown on the right are the ones that I personally use.

In Firefox on the top toolbar, click Tools, then click Extensions. Click the "Get More Extensions" link. Click/choose an extension from the Most Popular Firefox Extensions page if you like by clicking it's link. Then click the "Install Now" link from the extension's page.

There are categorized links on the left and a link for "All Extensions".

When we're dealing with extensions, more may not be better. Some extensions break other extensions. Some combinations of extensions break Firefox.


Alternatively, If you want to have a local copy of the extension installers, you can download the extensions to your hard drive by right clicking the "Install Now" link for the extensions and choosing "Save Link As" from the resulting menu.

With Firefox open and Windows Explorer  open (but not maximized) displaying one of the extension files, you can drag & drop one extension file at a time into the Firefox browser to install the extensions.


The resulting Software Installation window may be hidden under the Windows Explorer window. Either click on the Firefox window or minimize Windows Explorer.

Click the "Install Now" button. Continue dragging & dropping the remaining extensions you have downloaded.

When you are finished, close the Extensions window and close out of Firefox. The extensions will finish installing the next time you start Firefox.


Some extensions have optional settings. In the Extensions window, highlight an extension and click the "Options" button to configure any available options if desired.

If you highlight an extension and the "Options" button is grayed out, then there are no options available for that extension.


Continue on to the next page for optional tweaks for high speed connections.

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