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Computer Repair & Services for NJ New Jersey Businesses & Home Users

Computer Repair & Services for Business, Businesses

Complete Administration at Reasonable Rates


Whether you are setting up a new network or upgrading an existing network, Compu-Docs can help you plan for your needs.

Many small businesses can operate with a peer to peer network, while others may require a client-server network. Your network will be tailored to fit your needs.

Your existing hardware may be sufficient for your needs. Many times your current equipment can be upgraded at a substantial savings over buying new equipment. Other times new equipment will be in order.

Whatever your case may be, we will advise and guide you with your network decisions. We will discuss everything including the wiring plan, computer hardware, operating systems, office applications, data backup and continuing administration of the network.


Whether itís a brand new computer or one several years old, problems do crop up. Sometimes they are caused by software and sometimes by hardware. We have the expertise to diagnose and repair the offending component quickly.

We provide quality replacement parts and our repairs are guaranteed.

Many Personal Computers (PCs) were and still are sold to consumers with inadequate hard drive space and insufficient amounts of Random Access Memory (RAM). We will advise of these problems and recommend upgrades accordingly.


The above Task Manager display shows an idle computerís CPU running at only 1% but note that the Memory usage (RAM) is at 133 Megabytes (MB). Most computers sold in the past were sold with 64 MB of RAM and even today are being sold with 128 MB of RAM. The result is that an otherwise fast machine will be bogged down and crash frequently from insufficient amounts of RAM. This problem is easily fixed by adding extra RAM at a reasonable cost.


As you work you are writing and removing data from the hard drive very frequently. The data is usually not written to the same spot that you remove data from. As you add to your data and documents the data will be on several spots on the hard drive. The hard drive, which is one of the slower components of a computer, will have to search and find the data in several places to present your document to you.

After one week of use, the data on a hard drive becomes fragmented, which slows the computer down. Automatically running Defragmenter solves the problem as shown.

We can set up a Defragmenter program to automatically run, which will rearrange your data so it is no longer fragmented. This can substantially speed up you computer. Other task such as scanning your hard drive for errors and backing up your programs and data can also be performed automatically.

We can show you several ways to backup your data and develop a comprehensive plan to prevent loss of your operating systems and data.

Software companies today, in a rush to get new products to market, release their software with known defects. Consequently they issue patches and service packs to correct the defects, provide added security and provide extra features. Often there are several patches per month. We will keep your operating system running at peak performance.


Many of the programs you use in your business are updated by the manufacturer periodically. We can install these updates at a convenient time.

The operating system is upgraded every couple of years by Microsoft and Novell. We will advise you as to the benefits of implementing these new operating systems. Often an upgrade is not warranted but sometimes the new operating system has many important improvements.

The Internet is becoming a useful tool for business. At the minimum, E-mail is necessary in todayís times. There are several options for the small business to connect to the Internet such as ISDN, DSL, Cable and a Dialup modem.

We can set up these services in conjunction with the Internet Service Providers. E-Mail services can also be set up for your firm.
Whether you have an existing Website or are considering creating a Website, we will help you setup and maintain your site.
Do you have more than one office? We can show you how to safely connect the locations over the Internet using a Virtual Private Network (VPN).

Your internal network may have sensitive data such as payroll records, for example. With the correct operating system, directory and file level permissions can be set so only the bookkeeping department can access those sensitive files and/or program.

Also required for security is a virus detection program to prevent virus files from being run on your network. We can implement a comprehensive scheme to prevent disaster.
If you connect to the Internet, measures must be taken to thwart hacker attacks. We will configure your Internet connection properly. We will also suggest, and install if you desire, an extra level of protection known as a firewall to shield your network.

The only protocol attached to your Internet connection should be TCP/IP, Anything more opens up your network to hackers. This connection is properly configured with just the TCP/IP Internet Protocol.

We handle all network installations and setup. We use the latest network equipment. We also install Wireless networks where needed.

The first three rules of computing are: Backup, Backup, and Backup. One of our top priorities is to ensure that you have a sufficient backup plan in place. Many firms rely on just a tape backup. We can show you additional ways to backup your precious data.

We offer a free evaluation of your present or planned computer network. After inspecting your existing network setup and equipment we will prepare for you a detailed analysis and recommendations for improving your network performance and securing your data.


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CompuTelecom Phone Systems CompuTelecom Phone Systems Computers Defrag Scripts

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